Call for Artists

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Participate in Design (P!D) is inviting 3 artists to join us to create a series of art interventions which aims to create delight in everyday experiences through pops of unexpected art around the neighbourhood of MacPherson.

The Arts@MacPherson initiative will be exploring questions like: 

1. What inspiration do artists take from neighbourhoods?

2. How can we creatively tackle neighbourhood issues through arts? 

3. How can residents be more involved in making their neighbourhoods better? 

4. What kind of conversations should we foster to bring joy & delight to the residents of MacPherson? 

By bringing in artists to work alongside the community to build art interventions in the public spaces of MacPherson, we hope to enhance the hidden gems of the neighbourhood for the residents. 


 What inspiration do artists take from neighbourhoods?

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What can you expect?

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Artists will work in collaboration with Participate in Design on the arts interventions. Each artist will be paired up with a Community Partner in MacPherson to create an art intervention with them, and not just for them. The 3 Community Partners that we are working with are Brighton Student Care Centre, Geylang East Home for the Aged (GEHA), and Love-Aid.

Artists will join the participatory arts workshops, arts trails, and co-creation days. The artists’ contributions to this project run from October 2018 to March 2019

Creating delight in everyday neighbourhood experiences through pops of unexpected art co-created by residents of MacPherson

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What are the programme highlights?

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Practical Approaches on Participatory Arts: Part 1

3 November 10am-6pm

An introductory workshop for artists on engaging and working with communities (e.g. seniors, families, & children etc) through the arts.

Key Learning Points:

• Practical skills when working with diverse communities

• Designing arts programmes that are relevant to the community

• Participatory techniques in field observations, neighbourhood mapping, and interviews through hands-on activities

More information and a sign-up form can be found here.

Practical Approaches on Participatory Arts: Part 2

9 November, 10am-6pm

An immersive workshop for Arts@MacPherson artists to get to know the community partners, have a greater understanding of the community’s needs and aspirations, and begin to brainstorm ideas for the arts interventions alongside residents.

Key Learning Points:

• The application of participatory design skills

• Hands-on experience working with community stakeholders

Community Engagement

November 2018 - March 2019

Work alongside community members to design three art installations in MacPherson which celebrate the stories of the residents and the unique qualities of the neighbourhood.


January - March 2019

Make the ideas come alive by co-creating the art installations with residents. Whether it’s painting, sculpting, or photo taking, the residents will be invited to take part in some way so that they can make the pieces their own! 

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How can you apply?

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We are no longer taking applications, but if you would like to be involved in another way, let us know!